zzzing (zzzing) wrote in sciencefair,

Do you think scientifically and rationally?

Do you have a naturalistic worldview, free of supernatural and mystical elements? Have you ever used the term "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof"? Do you just love the scientific method? Are you always questioning the world, trying to find the most logical explanations?

then you may be a Bright

check it out - http://www.the-brights.net/
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Very difficult to distinguish the viewpoint of The Brights from that or Secular Humanists?
yeah, there are lots of terms really, but the brights have the simplest definition, so they want to sort of use it as a catch-all term for the rest, one with a positive spin and a catchy name.

Also, I'm trying to rout out anyone with supernatural beliefs in this community and get them thinking about things.
IIRC, the Brights Movement is meant to be a sort of "big tent", encompassing anyone who rejects the supernatural, whether they think of themselves as humanist or not, atheist or agnostic or doubting or whatever.

Poor choice of names, though.